Thanks for getting back to me. I did receive Crystal Clear II and enjoyed it immensely. I'm interested in adding it to our At Peace Music digital subscription playlist which we market to multi-location spas and massage clinics nationwide. Do you want to give me a call to discuss? Thanks! -Sherry Donovan

I would like to share my story of Crystal Clear I with you. Knowing that my husband was losing his battle with cancer, his sister, husband & I took him to see the mountains that he loved so. While there, Sis & I went to a spa for a much needed massage. I found such peace in the cd that I bought a copy to take home. On Aug 6, as he passed, I had it playing. His Mother also found such comfort in it that she asked me to see if I could find her a copy. Now I am ordering CC II for us. -Sincerely, Donna VanFleet

As always, Crystal Clear II remains my personal favorite, although, Crystal Clear I and III are giving it a run for the money. Crystal Clear III is awesome. I love the beautiful melody and keep hearing lyrics around it. Are there words in your mix somewhere? Certainly not in this forum but the melody lends itself nicely to lyrics. -Brenda Williams

Steve Skudler's Crystal Clear series of CD's has quickly become my favorite music to play in my office. I appreciate the healing, soothing, even rhythm of the music with no surprises- perfect for Healing Touch treatments! In deciding which ones to purchase, my clients and students often ask me which of the Crystal Clear series is my favorite and my answer is that they just need to eventually buy them all because each one has become my favorite! -Lauri Pointer

I have struggled with insomnia and migraines most of my life. Anxiety is a huge problem in both instances. I started using Steve's music at bedtime and it was like finding a miracle "drug." The music is so relaxing - it's like the music has taught my body and mind to relax. When I turn it on at the first sign of a migraine, it will often relax me enough to let the migraine medicine do its job and my headaches don't have a chance to escalate. It's better than any sleeping/anti-anxiety drug I've tried! -Julie Jones

I hope that you are well. The CDs are a hit here and we are almost sold out, so I would like to place another order for 20 each of Crystal Clear I, II, III and IV. -Don Watt. Healing Touch Calgary

I received the cd and it's wonderful thank you! I have been using it as a back drop to attuning people to Celtic Reiki and it has been brilliant. It's really enhanced the intensity as it helped me to stay calm and focused. Thank you so much for the cd it is brilliant and was such a lovely gesture. i will spread the word amongst my friends. -Jilly xxx

I know that it was Divine Guidance that connected us - and that gave me the opportunity to bring your music into my life and my work - and to be able to share it with people all over the world. Your work is moving and beautiful and I can feel the healing energy that flows through all of it. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey. -With Love, Cyndi

Luv, Luv, Luv the music!!!! It sounds so soothing and is perfect for HT. I like the fact that it seems to blend with the session and I'm not always aware of it. It is like it is the most natural, relaxing sound. Thank you both for the gift! -Jackie Oceanak

Crystal Clear I quickly facilitates a sense of inner peace and centeredness for me. I use it for both my own relaxation response to de-stress as well as a beautiful compliment to Healing Touch sessions. -Cynthia Hutchison, DNSc, RN, MSN, HTCP, HTCI, Healing Touch Program Director.

Crystal Clear I is an exquisite prayer that enfolds the soul in a musical cradle of absolute peace, angel wings and love. This music sounds to me, what I imagine heaven to feel like - what a treasured gift Steve has granted us with Crystal Clear I. -Aletheia Mystea, MA

I am a huge fan of Steve Skudler’s music. I have used the Crystal Clear Series in massage and Healing Touch sessions for three years. I added Aqua Aura and Lavender to sessions last year. I love Aqua Aura so much that I sleep with it on repeat all night. My housekeeper raved about it and said she just had to get that music. I play Mystical Tranquility and September in my car. This keeps driving anxiety to a minimum. When my friends ride in my car, they ask how I can stay awake because they become so relaxed. I highly recommend Steve’s music for relaxation and a better night of sleep. -Holly Aaron, BA, Master Massage Therapist and Healing Touch Practitioner

Aqua Aura has been a great help during our pregnancy. It's perfect whether you're receiving bodywork or simply relaxing and connecting with baby. The fluidity is helpful to flow with all the changes at any time throughout pregnancy. We definitely plan on using it during our home birth. -Dr. Corinne Deuel Gentile, Chiropractor, Fort Collins, Colorado.

My dogs, cats and I absolutely love Steve's music!!! We have listened for years. Crystal Clear III eased my beloved dog, Jasper and myself through several of his hemorrhagic bleeds, The music's soothing sounds fill the air and put my cats into a blissful state, as I sit by the fireplace or create in my playhouse. This music also transforms time for me! I love using it as a form of meditation. Recently, I discovered it is also perfect for practicing mindfulness. Listening to all the layers of sounds, interwoven with unique instrumentation, who wouldn’t want to be mindful of such delightful sounds. Looking forward to integrating more of your music into my daily life! Thank you for everything! -Inara xoxo

I am a certified Theta Healing© practitioner, and I love using Illumination in my sessions. It aids the client in going to the theta brain wave and to maintain it. I have watched anxiety melt away from my clients as it is turned on, as well as experienced the effects for myself. I also love it for going on walks or any other personal meditation time. It’s so full of light and inspiration. I feel it helps me creatively problem solve and it helps me listen to the rhythms of the earth in order to come into alignment. Illumination inspires and brings peace. I would highly recommend this piece to anyone! -Sheridan Smith

I have been using Steve’s music in my Healing Touch practice at a Veterans Clinic for the past 3 years. The Veterans are able to relax faster and seem to be able to go into that trusted healing/receiving space needed to bring connection and restoration back into their heart, body, mind and spirit. They often leave with CD’s from his Crystal Clear Collection, to help control their anxiety when they are driving or to listen to later as they are falling asleep. His music truly helps them receive more consecutive hours of sleep, which is vital to their healing process. -Jackie Cooper, HTCP

I recommend Twin Flames Production’s music without hesitation. I listen to it during meditations as well as my Healing Touch sessions. It’s transcendental. -Donna Winship

I’ve been lucky to have what I call the “Twin Flames Experience” for a couple of years now - through some requests for specific meditations, to Steve’s composition of Sapphire, a very personal creation that has become a part of my own energetic foundation. I find the music from Steve/Twin Flames Production has enhanced much of what I do and I look forward to what comes next? -Nancy Ogren, Author/Astrologer

Twin Flames: The division of a single flame
that was placed into two different souls
usually only coming together during one of
their last lifetimes on Earth. The reunion
of the twin flames is the ultimate indefinable
romantic connection between two souls.
(Elephant Journal)

Steve Skudler is the kindest, most
thoughtful person. He has an amazing
ability to anticipate the needs of
those around him and fulfill them.
His passion, however, is in music.
Like most things ordained by the
universe, what we are gifted in and
what we have passion for, often go
hand in hand. People need Steve's
music. It is calming and healing. It
is able to transport you to the sweet
place where you just feel like Mother
Earth is giving you a hug and touching
the deepest parts of you that need
to hear "its going to be okay."

Sharon Myrah is love incarnate. She is gentle, yet
powerful. She finds her purpose in bringing healing
to others through the practice of and teaching Healing
Touch. Her energetic gifting is incorporated into the
music by helping to express the love in their hearts.

Together, they are a force to be reckoned with; not in
likeness of a tornado, but more like the daisy that is
able to grow in the middle of a rock. Gentle, good, beautiful, healing, constant, consistent.
They work hard. They pour themselves into the creation of their music and meditations.
They love hard. They compliment each other, as you would expect twin flames to
compliment each other. Yin and Yang. Peanut butter and jelly. Steve and Sharon.